How I Think Each Female Office Character Would Give Head

One of my favorite shows ever is the Office. Another one of my favorite things to do is to imagine what kind of toppy a female gives. This makes my mind go wild. Hot or ugly, skinny or fat, short or tall, head is head and each girl has their own unique style of sucking. Below is my prediction of all female characters of The Office and how they go about sucking dick.

Before I start quick thanks to Wade and the Bloggs family for bringing me on board. The GSJ is an honor and I can’t wait to buttfuck the competition.


Obviously most people’s favorite Office honey. And her head would not disappoint. Pam worships that dick, she gives sensual head. Is it all-time great head? Might be pushing it. Is she an elite deepthroat? Probably not. What Pam has in her back pocket is sexy eyes and great distribution of saliva around the shaft. She’ll even suck balls on occasion, which for some is more important than others, but ball-sucking can’t hurt your stock – only improve. All in all, head from Pam would be bangin.


Terrible head. Goes without saying. She probably doesn’t even suck, but even if you convince her, she’s your classic one hand on the bottom of the shaft while she sucks the top 1/4 of your dick. Pass.


Phyllis gives that wild BBW head. Bobby Vance didn’t wife that up because there’s more cushion for the pushin, bob Vance of Vance refrigeration likes a woman who can swallow in and around his dick, and most likely Phyllis can fit a full cock and balls in that fat ass mouth. Fat chick head isn’t my cup of tea, but if you want your dick worshipped by a hungry hippo I cannot hate that.

Karen Filipelli

Dank head. Honestly could give the best head in the show. She’s sexy as fuck. A chick that looks like that doesn’t give bad head. You just don’t see it.

Kelly Kapoor

I did extensive research on dot-heads and blowjobs. Not much to offer. She’s a huge slut though so probably knows her way around a cock. I’d let her suck. Why not?


One time I was on pornhub strictly for amusement. Wasn’t even jerking, I was just clicking around on suggested videos just as I would YouTube. I ended up finding a series of homemade videos of crackwhores being interviewed about their lives and just  admitting crazy shit they’ve done and then at the end they suck off the cameraman. Who by the way had like a 3 inch dick. Wild videos and if you want to imagine how Meridith from the office gives head you should probably just go watch one. There were a fucking library of them.


Good head, but the kind of chick who you just disrespectfully put your hand on her head and push it up and down for her. Alpha move and Jan is a cunt so, no-brainer.


Awful. Awful head. No way it would be enjoyable. Hot take of mine is Erin sucks as a character. Not funny, not hot, annoying, and worst of all, terrible. fucking. head.


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