GGG and Canelo fight to a draw, also, what the fuck

Let me paint you a picture. You have one of the biggest fights in the past 20 years with the middleweight title on the line. Millions will tune in as two of the best fighters of our generation, Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez duke it out in the Sin City. Millions of dollars will be gambled and millions more will be brought in through pay-per view. The arena will be flooded by high profile celebrities and beautiful women. The entire event feels like a fantasy, it’s too cool be real. 

As you sit down to chose the final piece to this surreal puzzle, the fight judges,  you ask yourself, “how badly can I fuck this up?”.

And you reply,

“Ah, I know. I’ll make Adelaide Byrd my third judge.”



After 12 rounds of highly entertaining back and forth boxing, many had the fight leaning Golovkin’s way as he controlled the majority of the fight. Vegas thought so too; Golovkin   was -800 to win by decision entering the final round.

The judges scores where as follows:

Dave Moretti: 115 – 113 GGG

Don Trella: 114 – 114 draw


I don’t know what Ms. Bird was watching tonight but it sure wasn’t the fucking fight!!!!!!

I’m not even going to go into that much detail on the idiocy of this score because I know that the human brain is incapable of functioning at such a low level and thus would be incapable of generating such an exceedingly incompetent score. There is no way that a living, breathing, functioning human being could watch that fight and produce that score. It’s a fucking joke. People on Twitter were proclaiming the return of boxing all night until Ms. Bird dunked on them with an error in judgement so egregious Vontaze Burfict had no choice but to stand up and applaud.

This was an absolute snake move by boxing and HBO to have this fight decided the way it was decided. They already had our pay-per view money, why not have a split decision draw so we can do this all again in 9 months? I want to say I’m out on boxing, but I know once the next big fight rolls around and they start showing the commercials and pressers over and over that I’ll be roped right back in.

I’m already so in on this rematch. I don’t want this fight to be in Mexico City on Cinco de Mayo, I fucking NEED it to be. It’ll be like the Mexican Rocky 4 except not really. Thousands of crazy, drunk Mexicans under one roof, now that gets my piss hot. Sign me up.


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