Fire Ben McAdoo tomorrow

It’s a fucking joke at this point. The guy we hired as an “offensive guru” has failed to produce more than 20 points in a game dating back 8 weeks now.

At the end of the 2nd quarter in tonight’s game, the Lions were stopped short on 3rd down at the Giants 38 yard line with 1:10 remaining. Rather than use one of his THREE timeouts, Ben McAdoo was content with the Lions running the clock down to 40 seconds and kicking a field goal to go up 17-7. The Giants then received the kickoff and started on offense with 28 seconds remaining and two timeouts as opposed to 50 seconds remaining and 3 timeouts. It’s like he gave up.

The fact that nothing was done to this improve this abysmal offensive line when everyone and their mother knew that if the Giants could sure up their line that they would be a lock for the playoff is pure incompetence. Jerry Reesse is on the hook here too; he’s the guy who drove Tom Coughlin out of a town for McAdoo and the guy who refuses to draft or trade for an offensive lineman. The fact that  we don’t draft a single offensive lineman and trot out the statistical worst left tackle in the NFL, Ereck Flowers, for the second season in a row is  fucking insane. There is so much untapped potential on this team that is being held back by the worst offensive line in the NFL. How can Eli perform if he knows he has to get rid of the ball immediately?

We were without our best corner, best linebacker, and Odell looked a shell of himself, but those problems can and will be fixed. On the other hand, it’s hard to see light at the end of the tunnel when it comes the offensive line.

Good teams beat the Detroit Lions in their home opener. The Giants are simply not a good team right now.

There are 14 games left and the Giants are still only 1 back of the division lead. There is time to to turn this around and it starts with sending Ben McAdoo packing tomorrow morning as soon as he wakes up. Make Spagnoulo the head coach of this team and give the play-calling responsibilities to Mike Sullivan because it can’t get much worse.

Signing off,

– a disappointed Giants fan


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