6 Reasons Why #16 Washington State Will Beat #5 USC

This Friday (9/29) the University of Southern California travels to all the way up the west coast to Pullman, Washington to face off against Washington State. Before the arrival of controversial/offensive genius head coach Mike Leach, Washington State use to be the doormat of the PAC-12. USC in the past would laugh at my prediction. But it’s 2017 now. Washington State is loaded.

1. Luke Falk

Quarterback Luke Falk gets no respect as a heisman contender. He is absolutely crushing it this year. He is a four-year starter and knows Mike Leach’s run-and-gun like the back of his hand. This is his moment. He knows as a senior this is his one shot to win the big game. Friday night game in front of his whole school. The guy wants to crush pussy Friday night. He’s going to crush USC and be a legend on campus. Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 12.34.38 PM

2.  Washington State is ROLLING

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 12.34.53 PM

They can fucking score. No one can stop them.

3. USC is barely winning games.

USC has struggled with average teams like Texas and Cal. Sam Darnold is a one game wonder. He played lights out against Penn State last year and everyone is saying, “oh my god! He’s the goat!” Bruh, he’s not even the best quarterback in his own city.

4. Mike Leach

The dude is a football guy. Absolute psychopath genius. He’s going to throw Luke Falk in the toolshed this week and let him mentally prepare for USC. Trust the Leach Process.

5. Martin Stadium

The home crowd is going to be rocking Friday night.

6. Vegas knows

Washington State is only a +3.5 point dog. Vegas thinks this is going to go down to the buzzer. Give me Luke Falk and the Washington State crowd any day of the week.


End blog. Bet your mortgage on Washington State. You’re welcome for the free money.





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