Trump uninviting Curry & Warriors to White House is the most patriotic act of all time by an American 

The Don has been licking his lips lately. He’s got the NFL in a fuckin frenzy because he called them Sons of Bitches for kneeling. Ok. Not my favorite move but let the Don do Don things. No. My favorite move came the morning after.

The defending champion Golden State Warriors haven’t been silent about their disdain for President Trump. Draymond has chirped him several times, though who hasn’t that horse’s ass chirped. Steve Kerr shits on Donny whenever he gets the chance – Steve buddy let me teach you a quick lesson. Appreciate what you have in life. Dude went from commentating TNT games while tugging off Reggie Miller under the scorer’s table to being gifted a dynasty team incapable of losing. Stop bitching Steve Kerr. About anything. Your not allowed to bitch anymore in your life. You’ve lost that privilege.

Lastly, the NBA’s biggest queen Steph Curry weighed in, saying he wants to send a message and reject the White House invitation as a team.

Damn. That’s that I guess. Steph calls out the Don, and wins. Right?
Wrong you slut.

Potus claps back with the greatest 140 characters the twitter app has ever been graced with. The Don is a hell of a tweeter, but none will ever beat this abomination of Stephen Curry.


Let’s dissect.

Donnie uses his exclamation points better than anyone has ever. He has mastered the exclamation point. “Invitation is withdrawn!” could go down as the greatest three words this country has ever seen. Better than We the People. Better than Show ya Luv. Better than belichick’s Do your Job. Not better than embiid’s TTP but is close. Invitation. Is. With. Drawn.

In other words, eat a dick Stephen. You don’t need to reject an invitation. There was no invitation. Steph buddy did you really think you could just disrespect the Don uncalled for with no backlash?? The Curry’s are so fucking entitled. His fuckin wife threw a hissy fit and called the league rigged when her bitchass undersized doucheboy husband was in the process of choking his lungs out to the King👑. Riley Curry was cute for like 48 hours get her out of my face. If I want to watch sports and underaged little girls I’ll rewatch the great Mo’ne Davis at the ’15 LLWS. Steph take your family and get out. Leave. The Don doesn’t want you here anymore, and neither does the Plug🔌. Pack your bags and go this tweet was your death sentence.
P.s. Many fans have asked me what I think about Lebron calling out the Donald. Obviously me and Bron are close but I do not approve of his tweet regarding this scenario and I let him know that via text. He apologized for his insensitivity and we’re still boys.


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