College (+1 NFL) Picks

Hello Goat Street Journal readers this is new contributor Dirty Mike (felt the 69 was the only appropriate numbers to make it work since some asshole already took dirty mike). I’m very much a degenerate gambler and will mostly be contributing in that form. Now I’ve started very well in college football so far this year so naturally since this is my first blog post I’m sure I’ll go 3-10 (kidding…sorta). I’ll indicate which picks I like most to tail those have a very good % so far this year, my NFL plays are usually decent probably around .500 so far this year on those, I’ll try and get another blog in with those. And without further adieu here is my debut picks article.

Thursday Night:

Bears +7.5

I actually really like the Bears this year I bet their season win total over the underlying metrics suggested this team was better than the record last year. With Cam Meredith getting hurt obviously that didn’t help but they can get after the passer and run the ball and I think Glennon keeps them in games for the most part. Tonight it’s about going against the public and also I think this packers team has some flaws and I’ll say it over and over the NFL a lot of times is about taking dirty (under)dogs and I think this is one of those situations.

Friday Night:

USC -3.5

Now contrary to my counterpart Danielson, I think the line on this game is too low I like to fade the trendy underdogs sometimes. Also Washington St hasn’t played anyone good, sure Danielson say they can score points but USC has a very good secondary and will give Falk fits.


Colorado St -7

Traveling to Hawaii is tough but I don’t see how the rainbows or whatever the fuck they’re called can stop the Rams.

Marshall +4.5

Again, I’m a big fan of Marshall this year they got a lot of transfers from power 5 schools and I don’t think much of Cincy.

Akron -3

Akron’s 1-3 record is deceiving they’ve played tough games (to their standards) and Bowling Green frankly just sucks.

Northern Illinois +11

I love this, terrible spot for San Diego St, who is a very good team, they’ve played 2 tough games in a row beating Stanford and Air Force so they gotta be beat up. Northern Illinois has a pretty good QB (I would list the stats but I have an interview in 30 minutes) and they beat Nebraska 2 weeks and just had a bye for the first time in 2 years (how the fuck did a team get such a fucked up schedule for 2 years) so the travel won’t affect them.

Indiana +17.5

Good defense, shut down Saquon last year and they can score plus Penn St is just happy they got out of Iowa (weird things happen there at night every year)

Georgia Tennessee over 47

I go to Georgia and have experienced the heartbreak that comes of these 2 playing each other, not really trying to touch a side here but the games are higher scoring and Georgia should be able to run all over Tennessee (maybe a team total over is the way to go). Sidenote: I will be at this game and I fucking hate Tennessee so I may not make it out of Knoxville alive this weekend

FSU -7

Jimbo will have the boys ready to go after a loss he always does and I actually think the backup qb played well last week.

Mich St. -3

Iowa has to be deflated after that loss plus the score of the Mich. St. and ND game was a little misleading.

Bama -Whatever (it’s actually 28)

“But dirty mike Ole Miss always upsets Bama and plays them really tight”

Yea well this isn’t your same Ole Miss team, Bama is out for blood and I think will win by like 50. Ole Miss has no running game and injuries in the receiving corp, it would take one of the greatest performances ever from Shea Patterson to keep this close.

Ok St -9.5 and the over 81 in the game

I hate double betting games but I think that might be the play in this spot I think you at least go 1-1. This line is an overreaction from last week and I definitely see some shootout material here.

Couple other picks/leans:

New Mexico St +17

Stanford -17.5 if KJ Costello starts at qb

Auburn Miss St under 50.5

Memphis UCF over 68

Thank for reading like I said I’ll try and have a nfl blog later and let’s make some money.


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