First off, let me just say the GSJ (me) called it 4 days ago when I wrote a blog titled, “6 Reasons Why #16 Washington State Will Beat #5 USC” You can read my blog here.

Now to the game and more importantly my man Mike Leach. I love this guy. Sure what he did at Texas Tech with the whole “locking concussed dudes in dark rooms” was kind of fucked up, but man can he coach football. He’s a bigger genius than Chip Kelly. That’s not a hot take either. Mike Leach invented the “Air-Raid Offense” at Oklahoma years ago under Bob Stoops way before anyone ever heard of Chip Kelly. He can literally make any quarterback look like fucking Joe Montana.

Let’s go through some of his notable quarterbacks:

Offensive Coordinator:

  • Tim Couch
    • Leach was the offensive coordinator at Kentucky and developed Couch into a number #1 pick in the NFL. Couch sucked in the NFL when he wasn’t coached by Leach. Coincidence?
  • Josh Heupel
    • Leach was offensive coordinator at Oklahoma and Heupel dominated and got drafted after only a year working with Leach.

Now we go to his first head coach gig at Texas Tech:

  • Kliff Kingsbury
    • Kingsbury broke the NCAA records for completions in a career.
  • B.J Symons
    • Leach made this dude have the most passing yards in a season in NCAA history.
  • Sonny Cumbie
    • Nothing really notable other than he put up sick stats and upset 4th ranked California in the Holiday Bowl.
  • Cody Hodges
    • Lead the NCAA in passing
  • Graham Harrell
    • Texas Tech GOAT and set NCAA records for passes completed in a season and career amongst others.

Literally all these quarterbacks did nothing in the NFL and sucked after they left Mike Leach. One of the guys he coached, Kliff Kingsbury, is now the coach at Texas Tech and literally copied everything Mike Leach did with him. When Kingsbury was at Texas A&M, he coached Johnny Manziel into a heisman winner and sensational playmaker. Leach is the King Midas of college football.

Off the field, he’s even more great.

The dude is just a goofy looking offensive mastermind. He also LOVES pirates. Like loves them. He lectures his players about pirate history. He even includes pirate stories in his pump-up speeches.




He even drops a weird but funny pirate reference during a postgame presser on the field (cut to around :40)

Laugh out loud funny.

Now at Washington State, Leach is finally beginning to turn around the program. I am buying a shit ton of stock in Washington State. They are the next POWERHOUSE. And to set the record straight, I have no connection to Washington State. Couldn’t name you a player in their entire history besides Ryan Leaf. I just fucking love Mike Leach and think he’s the Albert Einstein of college football. Wins=passing the fucking out of the ball^pirates 

Watch him on SportsCenter last night:

He is straight comedy.


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