Teddy Bridgewater is scheduled to practice next week. Do you realize how absurd that is?

Teddy 2 Minutes.  Teddy 2 Gloves. Five.

Call him what you want (I call him my Franchise QB).  He is a week away from being activated from the PUP and that means one thing and one thing only…Teddy Time.

The Skoldiers currently sit at 3-2 and after Monday Night, it is fair to say that Sammy Scar Tissue is done.  Bradford clearly did not look okay, and it is baffling that this team watched him practice all week like that and thought…”yeah, he’s good to go.”

So whether you like it or not, Case Keenum is our QB until probably the bye.

But, reports are coming out that Teddy is on track to be activated from the PUP after next week.  Realistically, this means that Teddy will likely be our QB down the stretch.

This is less than 2 years after he almost bled out on the field.  Less than 2 years after every person wrote him off as someone who would never play again.

Do you realize how absurd that is?

Let’s rewind to 2015.

Teddy’s first full season.  11-5.  NFC North Championship.  We all know how the season ends, but that isn’t the point.  The point was we had our QB.

There was a lot of hype around Mankato (RIP) for Teddy’s 3rd season.

In his 3rd preseason game vs. San Diego (RIP), Teddy shredded the Chargers for 75% passing, 161 yards, and a TD.  He looked fantastic.

Then, the most Vikings thing ever happened.  Teddy went down with a noncontact injury and tore his entire leg up.

Teddy’s injury was as bad as it gets.  He tore up and dislocated his knee.

He nearly bled out on the field, to the point where the staff could have been creditted for saving his leg, and even his life.

At the minimum, it is a full 2 year recovery.  That is IF he recovers.  Adam Schefter (ESPN) said that no player with this injury has ever played in the NFL again.

I really can’t properly articulate how bad this injury was.  If thinking of Alex Boone throwing up all over himself afterwards helps you picture the scene in Mankato that day, then who am I to stop you.  But, be careful.

Teddy is about 6 months ahead of schedule. 6 months ahead of schedule.  For all you math guys, that’s half a year.  It is impossible to understand how crazy that is, but this dude’s leg blew up and, somehow someway, he kept fighting.  The kid literally never gave up.

Listen, I am not going to sit here and act like Teddy will be the same.  I am scared to death that he won’t.  But the simple fact that he may practice in a week’s time is absolutely unbelievable.

It really would be one of the best comeback stories in sport’s history if this dude even plays at an average level.

And, the fact that he is going to take over a team in the playoff hunt……..

I can feel the script writing itself.

Everybody in the world, Vikings and Packers fans alike, should be rooting for this kid.  What he went through is not normal.  But Teddy Bridgewater is not normal either.  He is a fighter.  He is a leader.  He is our QB.  And I can’t wait for him to lead us to the playoffs.

Beat Green Bay

5 Strong

Skol Vikings



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