Why the NFL will be around forever.

“The NFL has reached its peak”

“CTE is killing people.”

“The NFL won’t be around for much longer.”

Blah. Blah. Blah.

I am so tired of everybody acting like the NFL is done or like football is just going to stop existing.

So this is me, Skol, telling you why you do not have to worry and why you’ll be able to watch the NFL every damn Sunday until you’re watching with Y.A. Tittle (RIP to the legend).

1. Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy

Alright, for all you nerds at home, this is CTE.  The disease made up by liberals who want to push their agendas.  I don’t care what Will Smith and the rest of Hollywood told you, but I remember the days where we just rubbed some dirt on it and got back out there.  For every time Bob Ley talks about the most recent findings from some experiment in Banana Land, hundreds of kids are rubbing their hand in the dirt for the next rep of the Oklahoma drill.  Those who think CTE will effect interest in football/youth football are just flat out wrong.

How could something like this not have an effect on parents letting their children play football?

2. There will always be kids to play football

I don’t know if you have been living under a rock, but there is series called E60.  It basically goes through every NFL players upbringings and none of them are easy.  Listen, football will always be a way out for these kids.  There will always be kids from Philly, Miami, and Texas who would do anything for football, because of what it has done for them.  Football literally saves peoples lives.

Rookie safety Jamal Adams was quoted saying “The football field is the perfect place to die.”  Try to tell me there isn’t thousands of people who think the same way.  There will never be a shortage of football players.  Never.  And if there is, sign me up, I think I would be a hell of a slot receiver.

3. “Football isn’t fun to watch anymore”

Listen, I’ll admit this: the new rules suck.

There are so many penalties, so many deep pass interferences that ruin games, and so many holdings that take back 40 yard TD runs.  But, that is the NFL protecting their players.  It is called give and take.  If you want to enjoy Sundays and watch your boys go to war each week, you’re just going to have to deal with a few more stoppages in the game.  Deal with it.  Winning still feels the same, as far as I am concerned.

Also, if you believe that football isn’t fun to watch anymore, then that is a direct shot at me, because you’re probably not reading my Sunday Slates. Wtf.

4.  Politics

I put this last for a reason.  We stick to sports here at the GSJ.  If these protests and the 5 minute pregame is going to stop you from enjoying the following 60 minutes of gut wrenching action, then you are a nerd.  You probably love sabermetrics, data, and Pro Football Focus.  If I could help you with that, I would not be working for the GSJ.  There is no helping there.  You are simply a nerd.

Listen, I don’t want to be credited for saving football here.  I am simply doing my duty as a member of society.

It is called Protecting the Shield

Skol Vikings


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A bigtime Vikings and Providence Friars fan. If the takes are too hot, get out of the kitchen.

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