NFL Sunday Slate – Week 6, 2017

Recently, I wrote a blog about how the NFL would be popular forever.

Doesn’t matter if OL coaches are ripping blow with strippers or if Mrs. Goodell  is using twitter accounts to protect her bum husband.  The NFL always responds.  Always.

What a week of action.

Let’s get into it.

The 1:00 Slate

New England 24 – New York 17

I am pretty sure every single Jets/Patriots game in New York is the exact same game.  Jets jump out to 14 point lead before the half, Brady comes back and wins.  This one had a little spin as Austin Seferian-Jenkins scored a touchdown, but for some reason they called a fumble? Not sure why, but I guess that is the Patriot’s way.

Houston 33 – Cleveland 17

It was a high scoring affair in a pretty gritty matchup.  Deshaun Watson continues to look very legit, throwing 3 more TDs today.  As for the Browns, who are now 0-6, Hogan picked up right where Kizer left off, throwing 3 INTs.  Browns really struggling with just no play makers.  Who knows, maybe Saquon Barkley will look good in Brown.  Just kidding, nobody looks good in those trash jerseys.

Chicago 27 – Baltimore 24

A pretty weird game.  Every time I turned my head I felt like there was some long special teams TD or another INT.  This one goes into OT and Jordan Howard (37 touches) ruins our chances for a tie, busting a long run in OT that led to a game winning FG.

Washington 26 – San Francisco 24

The R Words got out to a hot start, going up 17-0.  Niners came back though, mainly due to Carlos Hyde’s 2 TDs.  Poor Kyle Shanahan can’t catch a break, as he has lost the last 5 games by less than 5 points each.  Who cares though, it’s the 49ers.

Minnesota 23 – Green Bay 10

You hate to see a star player go down, even when it is your rival.  Anthony Barr ended Aaron Rodgers season on the 2nd series of the game with this completely clean hit (that is not sarcasm).

After Rodgers went out, it was pretty easy for my Skoldiers who are basically unbeatable when they score more than 21 points.  It is now the Vikings division to lose and Teddy should be activated tomorrow (check out my blog).  All smiles in God’s Country these days (Minnesota).

New Orleans 52 – Detroit 38

This game was unbelievable.  Unbelievable.  Saints were up 45-10 and it looked like an absolute slaughter.  Then, Stafford realized it was that there was a game going on.  He hit Fells and Jones for long TDs in the second half.  Stafford had a chance for a 99 yard drive and a game tying score, and this happened.

Like I said, Vikings division to lose.

Miami 20 – Atlanta 17

One of the biggest upsets of the week.  Not sure what is going on with the Falcons, who have now lost to the Bills and Dolphins at home,  but it does not look good.  Atlanta got out to a 17-0 lead.  Pretty sure you can do that math.  That is 20 unanswered for Smoking Jay and company.  Cutler really has strugggled to move the  ball down the field, yet somehow the Dolphins sit at 3-2.  Guess some QBs just have a knack to win.  Here is the game winning interception for Miami.

The 4:00 Slate

Arizona 38 – Tampa Bay 33

Arizona jumped out early in this one, as AP looked like he was in 2012.  Love seeing my guy do well, but the real moment in this game was Ryan Fitz-magic.  Jameis came out with a shoulder injury and a combination of the Cardinals sucking and Fitz-magic reaching into his bag of tricks made this a good game.  Fitzpatrick hit Mike Evans for a deep TD, making it a one score game, but the Bucs could’nt recover the onside kick.  This was my favorite part of the game, though. Classic Fitzmagic.

Los Angeles 27 – Jacksonville 17

Jared Goff met Jacksonville’s secondary and struggled.  He only completed 11/21 passes.  Luckily, Gurley had his way on the ground, going for 116 yards.  Rams were able to control the clock, and won the turnover battle, due to Blake Bortles being Blake Bortles.  Like I said, I really do like the  Rams right now.  Good win fAs tor them, as they will be battling for the NFC West down the stretch.  Jaguars continually to be inconsistent, which is why I think they are still a year away.

Los Angeles 17 – Oakland 16

Phil Rivers up against the clock, losing, in the 4th Quarter.  There is nothing more beautiful in life.  It is a lot more fun when they get a delay of game or have a missed FG, but big Phil was able to pull this one out.  Big game for Melvin Gordon, who continues his great year both running and catching the ball.   He also set up Chargers game winning FG As for Las Vegas, Derek Carr threw 2 INTs in his first game back.  Actually not that concerned for the Raiders.  I think they get back on track as Carr gets closer to 100%.

Pittsburgh 19 – Kansas City 13

Probably the biggest upset of the week.  All week people are talking about the Steeler’s locker room issues.  Blah. Blah. Blah.  And they just go down the Arrow Head and beat the undefeated Chiefs.  Steelers got back to what their identity should be, and that is Le’Veon Bell.  I really think that Bell is unbelievable to watch, as he goes for 179 yards on 32 carries.  As for the Chiefs, it seems like they forgot the game was 4 quarters, as this “high powered” offense only put up 3 points in the first three quarters.  Hmmmmm.  This Antonio Brown TD ended up being the game winner.

The Night Slate

New York 23 – Denver 10

Are the Giants going to go 11-5?  I think so.  All year, Denver has shut down the run at home.  Zeke, Mccoy, and others struggled to get more than 1 yard/carry.  Not Orleans Darkwa.  Sounds like a made up name, but Darkwa went for 117 and the Giants were able to control the clock and take Denver’s D out of the game.  Big win for the Giants and their fans, who are probably booking hotels in Minneapolis.  As for Denver, Siemian threw 2 INTs and they really struggled to get the run game going.  Denver seems like they are far from being a real contender, as this is a pretty embarrassing loss.

Overall, a lot of good games and exciting action on this slate.  Like I said, when the NFL’s back is against the wall, they respond.  Every damn time.

Skol Vikings

PS: Teddy got cleared to practice since the time I started writing this.  Thank you, Jesus.

Skol  freaking Vikings


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