College Football Week 10

Alright gotta make this pretty quick I’m heading to the Georgia Florida game but I got a light card this week, hopefully it’s better than last week.

Washington -17

UCLA just has a terrible defense and Washington I think is gonna look to get right after a loss I think they can name the score.

South Carolina -6.5

Vanderbilt’s defense is a mess right now and South Carolina just finds a way to win games plus they’re looking for that bowl eligible win number 6.

NC St +7

Love this pick. ND is coming off its biggest win of the season and NC St is coming off a bye. ND can really only run the ball Wimbush isn’t a good thrower and NC ST has a tremendous d-line I think they can really slow down the run (re-create the uga formula for victory). Don’t be surprised with an outright upset.

North Texas -11

Coming off a blowout loss in which they were honestly the better team I think they’re looking for a bounce back. The coach even said they got too complacent and didn’t take FAU seriously enough so I think they look to get on track vs. ODU.

Thanks for reading and lets make some money.


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