How I Think Each Female Office Character Would Give Head

One of my favorite shows ever is the Office. Another one of my favorite things to do is to imagine what kind of toppy a female gives. This makes my mind go wild. Hot or ugly, skinny or fat, short or tall, head is head and each girl has their own unique style of sucking. Below is my prediction of all female characters of The Office and how they go about sucking dick.

Before I start quick thanks to Wade and the Bloggs family for bringing me on board. The GSJ is an honor and I can’t wait to buttfuck the competition.


Obviously most people’s favorite Office honey. Continue reading How I Think Each Female Office Character Would Give Head


Skol-ding Hot Takes

First off, I would like to thank Wade Blogs for being gracious enough to give me the opportunity to write with the pristine group of bloggers here at The Goat Street Journal.

For my first time readers, my name is Skol-ding Hot Takes.  Similar to the other bloggers, I have been around the block.  I have run multiple team news twitter accounts with over 150 followers.  No. Big. Deal.

In all seriousness, Mr. Blogs hired me to be an NFL and Big East Basketball specialist.  I am a Minnesota Vikings and Providence Friar fan.

I am here to do exactly what my name says, bring Skol-ding Hot Takes.

Get ready for a recap of the game tonight.

Pick for Thursday Night Football:

Houston +6

Skol Vikings

Welcome to The Goat Street Journal

To my fellow bloggers and prospective readers,

What’s up, I’m Wade Blogs and I’ll be your blogger for the foreseeable future. I started this site with some of my boys because I think we can take the internet by storm one blog at a time.

I’ve been submersed in the Twitter-Blogsphere for a longtime now. I’ve seen it all; I’ve seen shitty blogs started by college kids quickly fail; I’ve seen Bleacher Report go from your average internet sports blog to CNN’s sports affiliate, and I’ve seen Barstool Sports work their way up the internet totem pole to become the internet’s premiere sports and comedy site.

Now I look at sites like Bleacher Report and Barstool and I think, why not us?

The bloggers I’ve brought together for this site are capable of producing content of the same, if not better quality than these internet titans. I know it won’t be easy as I’ve tried my hand at blogging before. During my sophomore year of high school, I ran a fantasy football blog called Roto Dojo, but it didn’t last. The internet gods decided that it wasn’t my time. I was too young. I wasn’t ready for the moment.

However, I believe the time is now.  So strap in and let’s ride. Get ready to be captivated, confused, and potentially aroused by our content. We are not going to post what you want to hear; we’re gonna post what we want to say. Prepare to be uncomfortable like a quarterback in a collapsing pocket because we are gonna blitz all night.

See you soon,