NFL Sunday Slate – Week 8, 2017

Sup boys, it is Skol, here with your Sunday Slate.

This is one of those slates where you got rewarded for staying on your couch all day.  The early slates were weak, I won’t lie, but the 4:00 games were unreal.

I almost hate to let you know what happened in the 4:00 games, since I earned them and you didn’t, but that is just the nature of the blogging business.

Hop on, and lets go.

The Morning Slate – From Across the Pond

Vikings 33 – Browns 16

As much as I love the early games from across the pond, it fucking sucks when your team actually plays in London.  It is tough to get up for a 9:30am game vs the Browns in London, and that showed, as the Browns led this one at half.   However, the Vikings offense figured it out and their D continues to prove to be the best in the NFL.  My Skoldiers sit at 6-2 heading into the bye week.  Teddy back soon.  Life is good.

The 1:00 Slate

Bills 34 – Raiders 14

This is just weird, as the Bills are now 5-2 and the Raiders are now 3-5.  Just as we all expected.  The Bills run the ball and play defense.  That is how you win in the NFL.  I don’t care how many yards Derrick “bum” Carr throws for.  You run the ball and play defense, you win football games.  Just look at the Vikings.  Anyways, the Bills got a huge game from Shady McCoy and picked off Carr 2 times.  Big win for the Bills, who are firmly in the thick of things in the AFC.

Bengals 24 – Colts 23

As you know, the GSJ supports Jaccoby Brissett.  He is our guy.  We love him.  So this one hurts.  Here is the pick 6 that Brissett threw in the 4th Quarter, basically giving the Bengals the game.

Bengals now sit at 3-4 and look to gain any sort of consistency.

Patriots 21 – Chargers 13

I love Phil Rivers and love when Phil is working against the clock, it is football heaven.  This Sunday was no different than any other Sunday.  Phil had a chance, but his last second 30 yard Hail Mary simply did not make it to the endzone.  Classic. Patriots have not been pretty, but they continue to win games, and now sit at 6-2, and their defense seems to be getting better and better each week. Scary.

Saints 20 – Bears 12

Bears D has looked very good, and Trubisky looks like he could develope into a nice QB, but they simply do not have the weapons to consistently win games yet.  The Saints have won 5 straight and, surprisingly, it has been because of their defense.  Here is likely DROY clinching the game yesterday.

Falcons 25 – Jets 20

It wasn’t pretty, but the Falcons are able to squeak out a win vs the Josh McCown led Jets.  I honestly have no idea what to write about for the Falcons.  Have no idea if they are good or not, but their two headed RB in Coleman and Freeman can be very effective.  As for the Jets, who are now 3-5, I know they are bad.  We all knew they were bad.  So that is that.

Eagles 33 – the 9ers 10

Sources are telling me that Jay Ajayi has been traded to the Eagles for a 4th round pick.  This is breaking news and I, Skol, am the first to report it.  In this one, the Eagles proved that they can win even if Wentz isn’t playing at an MVP level.  The OL looked shaky without Peters, but the defense stepped up with two interceptions, including this pick 6.

Panthers 17 – Buccaneers 3

Not much to say for Cam, as he only completed 18/32 for 150, a TD, and a pick.  However, the defense in Carolina was able to step up and shut the Bucs down.  Winston threw 2 INTs and the Bucs look like the biggest bust that Hard Knocks has ever produced.  Classic.

The 4:00 Slate

Seahawks 41 – Texans 38: The Gatorade Game of the Week

This was the game of the year, by far.  I am not going to go through every single scoring play because, like I said, you have to earn that.  Deshaun Watson had an unbelievable game in Seattle.  The 12s were out, but this rookie has proved that he is the real deal, and him and Billy O’Brien seem to have a bright future together.  The Texans probably had the most real moral victory in the history of football in this one.  What a showing from Deshaun Watson.  As for Seattle,  Russell Wilson continues to quietly be a top 5 QB in this generation.  He just answered and answered all day long.  Here is the game winner to Jimmy Graham.

Cowboys 33 – R Words 19

Breaking News: Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension has been upheld.  I, Skol, am the first to report this news.  Zeke got to play in this one, though, and he put up 150 and 2TDs.  It was simply too much for the banged up R-Words to keep up with.  Dak didn’t wow, but he protected the ball and let his horses eat.  The boys are back on track with 2 straight dubs, and look to close the gap on the Eagles division lead.

The Night Slate

Pittsburgh 20 – Detroit 15

I think it is safe to say that JuJu Smith Schuster is the most electric player in the NFL.  The Steelers seem to be playing well, as they just continually feed their playmakers.  JuJu had 7 catches, Bell had 25 carries, and AB had 5 catches.  When this Steelers offense is clicking, they are a tough team to beat.  That is clear here because Stafford threw for 423 yards, but could not find the endzone all night.  Bend don’t break strategy works for the Steelers defense here and they now sit at 6-2.  Lions are now at 3-4 and clearly on the outside looking in in the NFC Ndeshaun watson blogorth race.



Oh Zone Week 7 NFL Best Bets

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NFL Sunday Slate – Week 6, 2017

Recently, I wrote a blog about how the NFL would be popular forever.

Doesn’t matter if OL coaches are ripping blow with strippers or if Mrs. Goodell  is using twitter accounts to protect her bum husband.  The NFL always responds.  Always.

What a week of action.

Let’s get into it.

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Oh Zones Week 6 NFL Best Bets

We had a great debut week going 4-1 on our NFL Best Bets. I love this weeks card. When I first looked at it, it reminded me of Christmas morning.

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Teddy Bridgewater is scheduled to practice next week. Do you realize how absurd that is?

Teddy 2 Minutes.  Teddy 2 Gloves. Five.

Call him what you want (I call him my Franchise QB).  He is a week away from being activated from the PUP and that means one thing and one thing only…Teddy Time.

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Why the NFL will be around forever.

“The NFL has reached its peak”

“CTE is killing people.”

“The NFL won’t be around for much longer.”

Blah. Blah. Blah.

I am so tired of everybody acting like the NFL is done or like football is just going to stop existing.

So this is me, Skol, telling you why you do not have to worry and why you’ll be able to watch the NFL every damn Sunday until you’re watching with Y.A. Tittle (RIP to the legend).

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NFL Sunday Slate – Week 5, 2017

Not going to lie, I kind of love when the Vikings don’t play on Sunday.  No stress, just get to sit back and Redzone the fuck out of my day.

Sadly, this slate was not as electric as the past two weeks.  But did the factory workers just skip work when it was raining during the Industrial Revolution? NO.

11am-11pm. Punch the clock.

Here we go.

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